Sunday, 18 March 2012


On Friday we received a lecture from Iain Valentine, creative director at Whitespace. He gave us a little insight into his company and what it is they do. The company's moto was 'Work hard + be nice to people' He said he has that on the wall in his office, but more importantly than that - it works! He gave us some advise into the kind of thing he would look for in a designer, some of which I already do but other aspects has helped me think a little deeper into what it is I'm doing just now at uni.

+ Do more that what you're told to do
+ Try new things
+ Teach others about what you know
+ Make work play + play work
+ Take breaks
+ Make your own inspiration
+ Love what you do, or move on.

Iain also talked about the social media marketing that Whitespace do, which was really relevant having just learnt about it earlier. An example of some they have done is for Peter Vardy. Using daily tweets, twice weekly blogging and a hairy mini increased awareness of the leading second hand mini seller in Scotland.

After visiting their website I found another few things that were helpful! 

"Could we meet here?
Isn’t it easier and almost always nicer if you host a meeting or have friends round to yours? Unless of course your place is a mess or they come with dirty shoes. It’s the same for your audience – if you go to them online, where they are, they’ll appreciate it. But just like in the physical world you need to follow the right etiquette for each site and community, to ensure you are a good guest and don’t outstay your welcome."

"15 minutes of fame.
Warhol was so right and so wrong. You can easily get more than 15 minutes of ‘fame’ online. Some folk share so many photos, videos, blog posts and tweets they probably end up ‘broadcasting’ more a week than Chris Evans. And so can you. Content sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Flickr, Photobucket, WordPress, blinkx,, etc. . . . can deliver content much closer to your audience."

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