Wednesday, 21 March 2012

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Below are 3 informative TED talks that are linked with sound, and have been inspiring to me in my current interior design project where I'm placing sound in a place just as valuable as the visual. When considering my design and the market assignment and having not been 100% sure on a business plan I have been thinking of ways I can include sound into my project. I have an interest in the retail industry from an interior designer's point of view, I'm really interested into the pyschology behind everything. I was wondering if I could research into sound within the retail industry and how it affects business. When researching and looking into sound I came across this guy below, Julian Treasure who lives 'sound'. Have a listen to what he has to say and hopefully you'll be as inspired into 'listening' better as I was.

 Under each video I have just noted and quoted certain parts that stood out to me..

4 ways sound affects us - Julian Treasure

accidental/unpleasant noise
unconscious listening.
1.physiological (heartbeat)
2.psychological (music being the most powerful mediums that affects our emotions)
3.cognitive (we have a small bandwidth that processes auditory output)
4.behavioural (how sounds affects how we act/decisions we make etc)
we move away from unpleasant sound towards the pleasant.
designing soundscapes.

5 ways to listen better - Julian Treasure

we are losing our listening
conscious listening creates understanding
tips on how to improve our listening quality:
1.three minutes of silence each day, take time to recaliborate.
2.’the mixer’ – when listening to sound, how many channels of sound can you hear? This will improve the quality of the different sounds you are hearing all together.
3.’savouring’ – enjoying the mundane you sounds you hear, this is what Julian called the ‘hidden quiet’
Receive Appreciate Summarise Ask
listen consciously.

Making sound visible through cymatics - Evan Grant

public installations
likes to find hidden data within nature
cymatics = magic tool/acts as a looking glass into a hidden world.
sound has form. sound has an effect on matter.

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