Thursday, 29 September 2011

Jamie Oliver or John Cleese?

One thing that particularly interested me in yesterdays lecture was the difference between 2 Sainsbury's advertisements that were shown. One featured Jamie Oliver, the other was older advertisement and it was John Cleese who was the celebrity endorsing. The Jamie Oliver one I'd seen plenty times before, whereas the other I'd never seen before - probably because I found out the ad completely backfired and was unsuccessful. So I was really interested in this so thought I'd write a wee post about  my feelings on them both and why I thought they were successful or not.

STRENGTHS - I think John Cleese was the right one man for this specific advert and what they were trying to portray as it's recognised that he is quite a loud man, which suited the strapline of the time 'Value to shout about it'. WEAKNESS - However I think somehow a few people would not appreciate his humour which may possibly put them off as he's not got a particularly welcoming and warm voice. STRENGTHS - Or the only reason that might attract mothers is they remember John Cleese in Fawlty Towers, and connect with the ad through Cleese himself. The strap-line is quite good, it does give the impression that you want to tell everyone about it. THREATS - However the advert also conveyed a slightly negative reflection on the staff of Sainsbury's - as if they didn't quite understand the concept of shouting about the value. WEAKNESS - So, so far from the advert it's told me that the produce is good value and that i'll want to tell everyone about it. Which is all very good except there was no food hardly on show to see, it doesn't tell me much about the food itself, like for example if it's good for me or if it tastes good. I feel like I have to take myself to the shop to sample produce (which does get me to perhaps buy the food) but there's nothing about the advert that made me particularly want to go and try their food and even if I did there is no guarantee of keeping my custom.

STRENGTHS - Jamie Oliver's advert however from the start had so much energy about it! Lots of people, particularly kids, running around doing various activities of the summer and lots of bright colours. It showed a family and friend close network all enjoying themselves through the enjoyment of summer life and sociability of eating food together - Sainsbury's food. Kids that are enjoying the food and having fun, being healthy and active appeals to parents who want the best for their kids and if buying this good quality food is going to help achieve this then they will be more attracted to shop here. OPPORTUNITY - Also the new strap-line 'Try something new today' is quite inviting, a lot of people like to try new things, it provides a challenge and it has this feeling of acceptance if you want it, they won't force anything on you but it's showing the benefits it could provide for you. If I want a part of this summer fun and energy in my life I would be enticed buy this advert to go try these 'amazing sandwiches' and 'amazing' beef burgers!

From my own analysation and comparing the techiniques used in the 2 adverts I think I can see why perhaps one completely soared and one flopped...stick to Fawlty Towers Basil!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

GIDE: Creativity for Local Enterprise

GIDE is a group of international higher education design schools, which work together to enrich the experience of students in the area of interior architecture, art and design disciplinary practice, industrial and interaction design. GIDE members include design schools in Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and England.

The theme of our project brief this semester is 'Creativity for Local Enterprise' This basically includes anything and everything. The line of thought I had been heading along was the link and relationship between music and architecture. Both are a massive interest of mine and there bearly is a second in the day when I amn't listening to music. I love the way music can make you feel, you can completely engage and immerse yourself in it and it can totally change your mood. The more I thought about this I began to see a link with architecture and how being within a space can completely change your mood and similarly you can engage with your surroundings. I began to look this up and funnily enough one of my favourite architects, Daniel Liebskind, had written about this already, I just hadn't realised he was a composer as well!
So many words came to my mind related with music that are linked to architecture also such as, rhythm, tone, texture, harmony, pattern etc.

Where my mind is going just now is thinking about the university and how there are no music courses within the uni, so what about designing an area that's educational yet mostly social where people can go to play music, enjoy music, live music. Music research could be held here, a venue for live music - formal or informal. Informal - thinking particularly of say, buskers who can just sit and jam/hang out without any fuss. Also what about students who are living away from home in Dundee that play instruments but can't get access to them during term time e.g. pianos, drums.. maybe there could be facilities where these instruments could be of use.

Some inspiration so far includes:

The Sage Gateshead

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Also images like this where form, repetition, pattern and various other things are prominant:

Thursday, 22 September 2011

understanding market segmentation & creating an ad for 'Pillowtalk'

Market segments. After a lecture yesterday on this I understood that you are always going to be far more successful if you target a small segment of the market with more of your business rather than trying to reach a wider market. As many people have different wants and needs, you will make more of an impression on people if you are focussing on a specific target audience with your product rather than trying to suit the range of needs with the one product. With this concept in our minds we went back to look at the product Pillowtalk that was introduced to us last week. So who would we aim this product towards? In our team we decided to focus on young professional couples, as they will be earning quite a bit of money and so would be less grudgingly pay the money, they can afford and will be up to date with the latest phone and technology to run the app for this product so it's not too much extra hassle for them, but also because they are young they will still be attracted to the fun and quirkiness of this design that may not be as appealing, as the products stands, to the older generations.

Looking at customer behaviour it can be analysed in different ways, for example what and why do they buy something. Customers don't buy what you do they buy why you do it. For example they don't buy an computer because it has x amount of storage space, so many pixels, a disk drive, mouse and keyboard etc, but they buy it for the benefits of being able to email, browse the web, create word documents, social networking etc. So back to Pillowtalk, what this product is, is a ring sensor, a flat fabric panel with a small speaker & light integrated into the panel.

Customers would only buy one set (includes 2 rings, 2 fabric panels - one for each partner) They would purchase it for around £199 online. Why you would buy this product rationally - because it allows you to hear the other partners heartbeat as you are drifting off to sleep. It lets you feel their presence near you when you are both separated by distance. It is a small product so is easy to store. It's simple technology to use, you just need the app on your phone along with the set.
You would maybe buy this product irrationally if you thought this was the latest new technology and are one of those people who follows the trends and had to have it yet, you are not in a long term relationship so you wouldn't feel the benefits. Maybe you want to buy it to 'feel more connected' to your partner and appear to others like you are in a strong relationship.

You could buy this Pillowtalk product, which means that, you could listen and feel your partners heartbeat on your pillow whilst you drift off to sleep when you are separated by distance, and feel as though they are with you when they really aren't.

We saw this product being advertised in the slightly more up-market women's magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Hello, Good Housekeeping and maybe a guys mag such as GQ as it is becoming a little more feminine. We were then asked to create our own ad for this magazine. We decided to go along the lines of being slightly 'quirky' and playing more on the fun that this product could bring to your relationship. We also felt this reflected well of the company itself, Little Riot and the image they have, and the impression we got of the founder herself Joanna Montgomery. We couldn't help but feel the video ad we saw previous was a little downhearted. It did serve the sole purpose of bringing the message across well that it connected two long distance lovers, obviously it is a sad thing being separated from your loved one..but the point of this product is to try and compensate for that and to bring them nearer to you. I had fun just simply doodling whatever came to my head, and the group kind of decided they liked my style that looked 'typical' of what you might see a girl do at the top of a page as she's day dreaming as girl's do! We steered away from the 'heartbeat ECG image' as it appreared quite medical and also the headphones were linked too closely with music and not so much just listening. So we went for quite a fun little image...and visualised something a little like this below, although it would be a lot more attractive if it was photoshopped a little or even real photos...i.e a photograph of the earth would may it appear more realistic. We have drawn little hearts at different ends of the world with the dashed lines linking them like you see planes do, to represent long distance connection. The little pillows are the 'him' and 'her' being joined as a result of this, with the aid of a wifi connection symbol above their heads and are consequently sitting on top of the world in delight :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sucker for brand loyalty...

aisle in superdrug
Today my friend and I popped into town for a cheeky subway and a spot of retail therapy! Over a subway, we were discussing all we needed to buy, both of us needed make-up, and without thinking about it I instantly said 'I need a new max factor mascara, even though it's so expensive, it's so good!' To which my friend responded, 'Why do you have to buy max factor? Have you tried cheaper ones?' And I explained how I had but none of the other cheaper ones I've tried work as well for me. So just in general conversation we ended up delving into and thinking about today's and last week's lecture..

I did ask myself the question, wait a minute, why is it I also go back to it? Is it because of the brand? Am I a sucker for brand loyalty? Do I know it's a good make and I'm getting what I paid for? Could I make do with cheaper? So many questions ran through my head! Never have I spent so long in a make-up aisle than today! I was opening a few cheaper brands of mascara and checking them out, and from that and previous bad experiences of cheaper mascara I decided I really did want the max factor one because of the quality of the product. And I clearly am willingly to pay the money for something I know I'm going to be happy with. Brand loyalty has won me over on this one!

My friend however, would be more concerned about the money, and buy a cheaper product that 'would do' rather than spending the money on a more expensive product. The quality difference in her eye liner ranges might not be as significant as I found the quality of mascara's to be, but it just shows that some of us, i.e me, would spend money on something because I know it's good and some, would not be a sucker for brand loyalty and save money! What I really find interesting is that is a total reflection of our personalities..That is a total picture of my life, I would spend more money on say designer clothing because I liked the clothes and the label, rather than just buying a similar version of the item in say Primark to save money. I'm getting better though! Because I know my friend so well, in everything I can see it in her life how she differs to me in that way. Even in food shopping, I am a Tesco junkie, whereas she would mostly shop in Lidl - it's cheaper! Now why do I feel most as home in Tesco? I think mostly because it's what I'm familiar with and it's where my mum shops so I recognise all the foods and brands that they sell. Although since coming to uni 3 years ago I have got so much better in buying some of the cheaper brands as I have realised there isn't a huge difference in taste yet altogether, a huge saving in money at the end of the day! And yeah so maybe the packaging doesn't look pretty and it certainly isn't the brand on the shelf that I would instantly be attracted to yet they obviously still sell to people like my friend who are hardcore money savers (i.e mostly students) and I have to admit in all honestly I'm coming round to the idea..
aisle in tesco
Personality traits is another interesting topic, I won't go into all that and complete deviate from the purpose of this blog but I'll just mention it because I can totally see that that part of my personality - instantly wanting the best product and not caring so much about the price - is a complete picture of my dad! And obviously I like to blame him for that if I realise I've spent too much money.. but it's true I believe that frame of mind must come from him, because obviously saving money is better but it runs in my blood to want the nicest thing I can afford! He also would be a sucker for brand loyalty, but if you get good products and service from the company, why would you want to go anywhere else? And my dad being a technology man, you guessed it, is an Apple fanatic. Brand loyalty much? I think so!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

workshop workshop workshop!

Today I was actually a little apprehensive about just because it was like first week back and I don't completely feel in work mode yet. Also yesterday was the first day we had even been introduced to our new module Advertising and Branding so already doing a workshop seemed rather soon! However I actually really enjoyed today! We were put into teams, mostly with people from other disciplines, so I was working with jewellers, graphic and textile students. We were given clients and together using the marketing tools we had to create a marketing strategy for them. I personally really love teamwork and especially if the team is willing to talk and open up about their own ideas - which they did! So that made it all more exciting. After lunch we were doing the same thing except with a real client, Joanna Montgomery, graduate of Dundee and founder of Little Riot -
She talked to us about her company and her design idea, and this product called Pillowtalk. 
Which basically is an idea she has to connect a long distance couple and they can comfort each other by listening to each other's heartbeat via technology. Which I personally really liked the idea of since I have also been in a 2 year long distance relationship myself, and as much as I love the wonders of skype, this sounded like a new exciting idea! When we were discussing the product in our group we came up with the idea that the product was quite target specific, aimed mostly at young couples who are totally aware of the latest technologies. But what about the elderly generation? Perhaps they have a long distance relationship or are separated by one of them being in a home - yet they would still appreciate the feeling and comfort of their partner's heartbeat.. but we realised this generation are not going to all have the latest smartphone to be able to run the app that allows this product to function. So what about developing an alternative technological device that allows you to connect to wifi differently? Also marketing this product in different ways such as giving public demonstrations in shopping centres, fresher's fairs, dipping into the student market for people like myself at uni. We also thought of approaching existing retailers of pillow manufacturers to see if they would be interesting in promoting them, selling them as part of a deal maybe? Also maybe celebrity endorsing the product? 

The whole experience was quite exciting especially as Jo herself seemed really encouraged by what all the teams had to say and I was so impressed just by thinking marketing, the ideas we managed to come up with and it just proves how that 2 minds are really better than 1! The more creative mind's, the better!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A taster of advertising and branding..

Today's lecture was a good start to the year. For me it was partly a revision session from my Business Management studies in school but also more excitingly an insight into a better understanding of advertising and branding. The part that got me most excited was thinking of benefits over features. Thinking outside the box. So rather than thinking about the obvious - the actual thing/product that needs designed - but instead the situation, purpose and benefits it would provide. For example instead of being asked to design a kettle, design something that can boil water. This allows for a more creative response other than just another shaped kettle, which at the end of the day is all you asked for.
After listening to a TED talk by Simon Sinek, he also confirmed that Apple (the super successful multi million dollar company) make sales not by stating what they do or how they do it but focussing first on why they do what they do. For example, they like to challenge the status quo and they believe in thinking differently, and they do this by designing beautiful products and making them user friendly and simple to use. By reversing the order of how we normally think, so we think WHY they do something before WHAT they do, is proving to work for Apple. Because otherwise talking about what they do, such as 'we make computers that are well made, they look good so you should buy one' This kind of attitude is pretty uninspiring in comparison!
Also today on the way home, popping into a supermarket and thinking of brands and why I buy what I do has got me thinking. The shelf in front of me for example had the same product but just in different packaging and by different brands, so why is it certain people buy certain brands? More to come...