Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Photography is becoming my new found love. I have been stumbling upon websites and facebook pages of photographers that have really captured my attention and making me long to take up photography as a past time.  The key thing for me that grabs me to any beautiful photo is the lighting. If it makes your mouth want to drop then no matter the subject the photo can still be classed as beautiful. I like looking at gorgeous landscapes but I think my all time favourite is portraits. I came across one photographer who likes in particular to photograph girls and capture their true beauty as she herself being female, knows ad understands the pressure to look beautiful through a lens. I shall share a few of my favourite websites and photos..

This is an example of the photography that 'caught the light' produces, capturing life at it's best and those unforgettable moments, such as your wedding day..and for me this is one of those moments where light, colour, composition have come together in a beautiful blend..    





If you have a similar interest you may like a look at a few of these websites! Hopefully the Scottish summer will begin soon and I can maybe get outside to take some photos too!