Thursday, 27 January 2011

Influence/True Colours

Who influences me? Who do I influence? This could be in dress sense, nature, actions, music taste, thoughts?...well everything really. What makes up ME? My whole being..when did I decide that I like skinny jeans but not so keen on jeggings.. Am I friendly and keen to meet new people because I inherited it from my parents? Is my music taste influenced by my friends, or is it the other way around, are my friends influenced by my music choices?
What about good and bad influence...does that shape the kind of people that we are. Definitely! Even if it’s just for a phase, I bet there has been a time in your life, even if it was just one incident, you have done something you’re not proud of due to peer pressure or bad influence. Similarly, if you have been around people/friends that give you advice, a real boost and encourage you in life, things may go well for you, you may become successful in life and look back and you can thank those people who helped you along your way!

I believe the media has a huge part to play, more than we may realise. Just a little while ago remember in all the shops there were military jackets was that just cause someone thought 'Men in uniform is a good look, let's get it out there for male AND female!' Or was it because one of the most influential women, Cheryl Cole herself, wore one in her music video 'Fight for this Love' and someone knew there was going to be a market for them so started designing and getting it out there ready for us suckers to snap one up! (This group of people are known as
‘innovators’ those who foresee a trend coming and design ready to sell just as the trend hits mainstream shops.) Some people may adore Cheryl, so therefore buy it to be like her. Some may despise that woman who appears on every magazine cover, yet still buy the jacket. Is that because they purely just like the jacket? Is that all that's out in the shops at the time? Or maybe secretly they empathise without realising, with her and what she has been through. Bearing in mind I know not everyone owned one, but it’s just the example I gave..but hopefully you see my point!

I would say I am influences by a mix of things. Certainly the people around me, my parents for one, the way I’ve been brought up to be friendly to people I think still remains as part of my character. I am influenced by friends in what I wear and listen to and watch, how can we not? It’s half of what all conversations are about! I’m sure it works both ways, if I discover new music and tell my friends, most likely they will like it too! I think it’s how we unveil our personalities and reveal what our true colours really are! That’s how relationships work, you connect with your friends’ personalities – your true colours are a match. However they do always say 'opposites attract' also, so maybe for some people you have different opinions and outlooks in life, and different characteristics yet they compliment each other and balance each other out. You don't have to look and dress the same as you're best friend!

best friends come in all shapes and sizes!
I don’t think I’ve thought into this as much before, so I’m grateful to Jonathan really for making us think about all these things! The more we think about how we came to be, why we do the things we do, the more we can relate to other people and what they like /need, hence what makes us better designers I guess! So maybe
it’s time for you to have a wee think about the traits of your personality and who influences you? Why do they influence you? Are they a good influence? Hmm...

Starbucks: (apparently) the BIGGER the better!

Flicking through the newspaper over the weekend, this striking image caught my eye. >>>

Being an avid Starbucks fan myself I continued to read on. America, to my surprise, is only the ninth fattest nation on earth. So apparently, Howard Schultz, the U.S. boss of Starbucks, has decided to do something in "a spirit of patriotic competitiveness to improve his country’s ranking". He has just released the ‘Trenta’ size of cup. It will be Starbucks' biggest drink giving the customer a whopping 916ml of coffee - just a frothy head short of a litre.
The little chart below shows just how large a volume of liquid that is inside our bodies! The average capacity of the human stomach being 900ml so this very drink will most certainly make you need the loo after! Not only that but that amount of coffee and milk is most definitely fattening - just what what America needs! Although it seems this is the aim of Schultz...

Is Schultz doing the right thing? The way I see it is that he obviously doesn't care about the high and growing obesity rates of the country, he just knows that there are American's brainless enough to just keep continuing their downward path that will end up killing them...rather than seeing the benefits of not drinking it. However I guess the business will stay strong and he will still make profit which I'm guessing is his only concern to keep him happy in life with all the fancy things!

Friday, 7 January 2011 every fashion

rachel whiteread
So flicking through the music channels last night, why I do this I'm not actually entirely sure as most of the videos these days are filled with half dressed girl prancing around and half the time it puts me off the song I once loved! Although I guess I do it for the odd really interesting, different, exciting new videos out there like this one! So I stumbled upon this new up and coming single by Adele called 'Rolling in the Deep' and the video somewhat captured me. Firstly what grabbed my attention was the room full of glasses of water and as the music and bass kicked in how the vibrations had a rippling effect on every single one. I thought this was really awesome, it was such a simple effect but on a grand scale which made it even more impressive. I've been known to like things like Rachel Whiteread's 'Embarkment' installation at Tate Modern Museum where all it was was simple white cubes but many of them which has an overpowering intriguing quality. Then every other scene also in the video grew more exciting..whether it was the figure stirring up what looks like a room full of flour and disturbing it so it filled the air. Another scene there is a pile of broken crockery, as you see more being smashed and added to the pile. And the other scene that is interesting is what looked like a model of a mini city with sparks going off above it destroying it. It's all very impressive and goes well with the song. I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about this set/theatrical installation/performance type of design, but it certainly grabs my attention and is visually stimulating for me, and is something I might look into further. I'll certainly keep looking out for similar videos!

I'll just leave you with another video that needs no explanation but to watch for pure entertainment!

Don't you just want to create something similar?! ...maybe that's just me...